Hobby Affiliate Programs

Welcome back! Today I am continuing my Affiliate Program Series by highlighting a few Hobby affiliate programs. But first, how would you define a Hobby? Well, according to the dictionary, a hobby is “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.”

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

Down below, I have compiled a rather wide range of hobby affiliate programs that I found to have potential. A few examples include arts and crafts, radio-controlled Vehicles, photography, scrapbooking, and much more.

I hope that you find the information, just as exciting as I do. There are so many possibilities available within this niche. I am excited to share with you what I have found!


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Eye-Opening Health and Beauty Affiliate Programs

Welcome back! Today I am continuing my affiliate program series by concentrating on the Health and Beauty affiliate programs. As you probably can figure, many sub-niches fall under the umbrella of this particular niche.

health and beauty niche banner

For instance, anti-aging, personal care, healthy eating and nutrition, fitness & mind-body, traditional and complementary medicine, and preventative medicine are all considered to be apart of the Health and Beauty niche.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the Personal Care, Beauty, and Anti-Aging segment was worth over $1,083 Billion in 2018, or in other words, almost $1.1 Trillion! My, that is a considerable amount of money. Do you want to try to get a piece of this pie? I sure do!

Let’s now take a look at a few Health and Beauty affiliate programs that I have found.

I am going to first list three different Health affiliate networks. The advantage here is that you can join one of these networks ( or all three,) and have the opportunity to promote several businesses at once.

Market Health Affiliate Network

Market Health Affiliate Network Homepage

As an Industry leader for over ten years, Market Health manufactures, owns and operates over 200 Health and Beauty products in over 100 countries.

Statement- ” We are an energetic and accomplished company focused on creating the highest converting products on the internet today. We believe our affiliates and merchants are the most important asset to our company, and support is our number one priority.”


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Top Fitness Affiliate Programs on CJ Affiliate

Welcome back! Today I am continuing my Affiliate Program series by looking more into the Health and Fitness niche. While researching this post, I was surprised by how many the affiliate network, CJ Affiliate by Conversant, had to offer. Therefore, I am only going to concentrate on CJ Affiliate and breakdown for you all the essential information regarding the top 10 US fitness affiliate programs offered on this network.

If you happen to have no idea who or what CJ Affiliate is, I have previously written a detailed explanation if you would like more information.

Why are these fitness affiliate programs the best?

I want to specify why I determined these fitness affiliate programs to be the best to promote on CJ Affiliate.

On the platform, there is a scale between 1-5 with five being best, which showcases the Network Earnings.

All of the programs that I have listed are within the 3-5 range unless they are specified as being a new program. I added these new ones because they both seem unique and promising (FitTrack, HIIT Box).

So are you ready to see what the top fitness affiliate programs are? As a bonus, I have also included two brand new business which just joined the CJ Affiliate platform that seems promising. If you are in the fitness niche, joining these two new ones might put you at an advantage, since not many others are promoting these items.

What is Fitness, and what kind of products are there to promote?


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Online Dating Affiliate Programs

Today I would like to concentrate and list some best online dating affiliate programs. I will be covering some more significant and well-known programs as well as some which seem interesting. I will be providing both the website’s address and an affiliate program link in case you are interested in pursuing an affiliate relationship with any of the businesses below.

New to Affiliate Marketing?

If by some chance you are new to the world of affiliate marketing I have a couple of posts that will help you immensely. Please click on any link to learn more!

The Number of People Finding Dates Online is Rising Year After Year

love banner dating affiliate programs

According to Statista, the world of online dating is on the rise. No longer is there a stigma of desperation attached to anyone looking for love online.

Nearly half of the United States has found someone uses an online dating website. Additionally, during a Jan 2019 survey, it was found that 20% use these services to find non-romantic friends and 23%, only for sexual hook-ups.


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Five Department Store Affiliate Programs to Consider

Today I would like to dig deeper and showcase a few of the potential department store affiliate programs. In this day and age, with so much is being sold online, major department stores have seen the writing on the wall and have incorporated affiliate marketing within their portfolios.

When I say ‘department stores’ I am referring to ‘brick and mortar’ establishments that have had a relatively long and established reputation.

Why Department Stores?

Why would you want to become a department store affiliate? Well, as I have mentioned up above, reputation has a lot to do with it. Millions of people have been buying from these companies for years and years. So I think if you could find a couple of appropriate products that fall well within your given niche, what harm would there be to add a couple of popular and familiar institutions to help promote?


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LOHAS Affiliate Programs

Have you ever come across the acronym LOHAS before? I just became familiar with what it stands for, which is, the Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability.

I have to say that though I have been living this philosophy for as long as I can remember. Wow, who knew I was so trendy?

There as been a significant movement in the past two decades of sustainable business practices, which is glorious news, in my opinion. Consumers are actively requesting more ‘virtuous’ products, and according to the numbers, they are willing to put their money where their mouth is so to speak.

Are You Into LOHAS?

Here are some examples of products and services that fall into the LOHAS niche. Do you actively look out organic food? How about nutritional supplements? How much do you know about holistic disease prevention? Yoga? Do you recycle? How do you feel about Free Trade?

Today, I would like to showcase a few Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) affiliate programs that I found over on the ShareASale affiliate marketplace platform.

As a reference point, down below, I have chosen only those programs which are ranked as the top performers. Let’s now go and take a look at all the LOHAS affiliate programs and figure out if one of them is the right fit for you to promote.

#Click on any photo to go to the appropriate website.



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Pet Affiliate Programs to Consider

Welcome back! Today I am continuing my series and adding to my list of the best affiliate programs to have a look at if you are a blogger. Are you interested in the pet niche? I was pleasantly surprised at all the products and services that are offered online for our four-legged friends. Here I would like to take a closer look and some of the best pet affiliate programs that I found.

Breaking Down the Pet Niche

Did you know that the pet industry makes over 60 billion dollars in revenue each year? And just in the United States, there are over 62 million pet owners with over 8.1 million dogs alone! That is not even counting cats, fish, rodents, reptiles, and amphibians, etc.

In reality, you can see that the pet niche can be further broken down. Let’s take a closer look for a moment. Now, sure you can breakdown obviously down to the species level- dogs, cat, fish, birds.

But did you also realize that this niche also includes, food, vet, dog walking, toys, med, crates, pet-sitting, DNA-testing, and much, much more?


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The Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

Welcome back! Do you have a weight loss, health, or fitness niche blogs and are on the look-out for the top dieting and weight loss affiliate programs?

Today I would like to go over some of the most lucrative weight loss affiliate programs of 2019.

There are so many weight-loss and diet programs available online. I did quite a bit of research and was intrigued by what I found. Some of the most promising programs that I encountered have high commissions as well as a surplus of affiliate tools to help you when creating content.  These tools include affiliate links, banners, email swipes, as well as promotional videos (more information below.)

There is Money to be Made as a Weight Loss Affiliate!

It was estimated that in 2016, over $168.95 billion was made by the Global Weight Loss and Weight Management Market. It was determined that this figure would rise to over $278 billion by 2023! According to Global Consumer Sales, it is estimated that by 2020, over $62 billion will be spent on supplements alone!

Do you see potential here?

Do You Belong to Any Affiliate Platforms?

I thought it would be fun to start looking first at what some of the significant affiliate platforms had to offer. So I took a look over at-

  • Commission Junction – CJ Affiliate
  • ClickBank
  • ShareASale

Afterward, I found a couple of other weight loss affiliate programs that have pretty good commission rates.

As you take a look down below, keep in mind in which direction you would like to promote the service or product. As you can see, each program has something different.


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High Commission Affiliate Marketing- Computers / Internet

Today, I would like to go over a few high commission affiliate marketing programs that are found in the Computer/Internet niche. For simplicity’s sake, I will be listing these affiliate programs under the following categories:

  1. Website Hosting Platforms
  2. Webmaster Tools
  3. Email Marketing
  4. E-commerce
  5. SEO
  6. Online Learning and Teaching Platforms

As you are going over the list, take note that most payment/subscriptions are made monthly, so that means that you, too, will be paid monthly.

For your convenience, I have provided a link to each business’s website as well as a direct link to each appropriate affiliate program.

Make Money Online From Home With High Commission Affiliate Marketing!

When you are first starting, it can seem a bit overwhelming when you begin to research for that perfect affiliate program to join. Usually, most start at the most popular programs, such as Amazon. But if you take a good look at Amazon Affiliates, the commissions can be less than desirable.

In a previous post, I have touched on Amazon’s program as well as Target’s, eBay’s, Etsy’s, and Zazzle’s. Within this information,  I have laid out each of these affiliate programs in detail. Have a look and compare them to the following high affiliate commission programs that I have listed for you here.

First, I would like to preface that all affiliate programs listed below have their prerequisites in terms of being accepted into their programs. Please keep that in mind when going over the list below.

Are you ready to make some money?

Let’s now take a look!


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