Eye-Opening Health and Beauty Affiliate Programs

Eye-Opening Health and Beauty Affiliate Programs

Welcome back! Today I am continuing my affiliate program series by concentrating on the Health and Beauty affiliate programs. As you probably can figure, many sub-niches fall under the umbrella of this particular niche.

health and beauty niche banner

For instance, anti-aging, personal care, healthy eating and nutrition, fitness & mind-body, traditional and complementary medicine, and preventative medicine are all considered to be apart of the Health and Beauty niche.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the Personal Care, Beauty, and Anti-Aging segment was worth over $1,083 Billion in 2018, or in other words, almost $1.1 Trillion! My, that is a considerable amount of money. Do you want to try to get a piece of this pie? I sure do!

Let’s now take a look at a few Health and Beauty affiliate programs that I have found.

I am going to first list three different Health affiliate networks. The advantage here is that you can join one of these networks ( or all three,) and have the opportunity to promote several businesses at once.

Market Health Affiliate Network

Market Health Affiliate Network Homepage

As an Industry leader for over ten years, Market Health manufactures, owns and operates over 200 Health and Beauty products in over 100 countries.

Statement- ” We are an energetic and accomplished company focused on creating the highest converting products on the internet today. We believe our affiliates and merchants are the most important asset to our company, and support is our number one priority.”

Sub-Niches– Market Health offers products in the health, beauty, supplement, weight loss, and skincare industries.

AOV- $45

button join affiliate program Market Health



Serviceable Areas– USA plus 200 countries (see website for the 21 countries not eligible)


  • Real-time affiliate tracking via Has Offers
  • earn recurring income with subscription orders
  • newsletters and coupons
  • international and multi-lingual
  • in- house design team for custom banners
  • payouts twice a month (1st &16th;) with a minimum set at $20
  • e-mail marketing is allowed by filling out the Email Marketing Request Form
  • each product has its affiliate banners and links
  • no direct linking allowed

Cookie– 30 day


  • 50%,
  • 60% if you can have more than 20 orders per day
  • plus 5% of all commissions earned by any webmaster accounts you refer as a Market Health Partner

Affibank Affiliate Programs Network

Affibank homepage health beauty affiliate programs

Affibank is the largest privately owned and managed affiliate network with thousands of affiliate members. Something unique that Affibank offers is a ‘school’ where you can connect via the platform to learn the best strategies for promoting on social media and email marketing by watching training videos or reading PDF training manuals.

Statement– ” AffiBank is the largest, privately held, and managed affiliate network.

We are adding new products constantly and make sure these products convert. If they do not produce sales, our affiliates don’t make money either! Our parent company, Web Promotions Europe LTD, is located and registered in the UK.

Web Promotions collects customer payments for all products purchased and also pays our affiliates, always on time.”

Sub-Niches- personal health, skincare, nutrition, stop smoking, hair care, alternative health, weight training. asthma

AOV- Health products range from $9.95 to $169.95

button join affiliate programs Affibank



Serviceable areas- USA, United Kingdom


  • you do not need a website
  • earn $10 for signing up
  • affiliate support desk
  • Affibank School to learn to affiliate marketing
    • video tutorials
    • PDF training documents
    • custom tracking links manual
  • payouts at $50 once a month
  • affiliate banners, text links
  • email templates

Cookie– 90 days

Commissions– 75% via PayPal

*I have joined this Health and Beauty affiliate program and was approved immediately. I urge you to do the same.

SG Health Affiliate Program

SG Health affiliate program homepage

SG Health is an affiliate network platform that hosts a wide variety of natural health and beauty products. All offers and products have been tested to ensure the efficacy and thus ensuring a high conversion rate. Another bonus here is that you will receive $20 for just signing up

Statement– “You can choose to promote many health and beauty offers that are being added regularly and currently include products in the Skin Care, Weight Loss, Detox & Herbal Cleansing, Anti-Aging, Acne Care, Natural Enhancement for Men and Women and Skin Brightening/Lightening markets.

We research carefully where a new product and offer can fit into the existing markets without simply duplicating what’s already out there. You will find the offers are unique and niche to the respective markets.”

Sub-Niches– Herbal Medicine, Skin-Care, detox, weight-loss, organic, natural

AOV- $100

join SG health affiliate program


Serviceable Areas- worldwide


  • affiliate banners and text links
  • email templates
  • affiliate training videos and PDF training documents
  • custom tracking links
  • auto-responder is set up, so whenever anyone signs up for a free gift they will receive followup offers for months which will still have your affiliate code
  • four affiliate programs to join via this platform
    • Herbal
    • Skin-Care
    • Ance
    • Beauty
  • payouts at $30
  • earn $20 just for signing up

Cookie- lifetime


  • up to 30% of first-tier sales
  • 5% of second-tier sales
  • you receive commissions ever 14 days (the 1st and 15th) via PayPal regardless of the amount
  • recurring subscription orders receive a commission each time

*I couldn’t help myself! Here is another of the health and beauty affiliate programs that I just had to join because if the free money offer. All I have to do now is figure out how to get ten more dollars in commissions. Did you note up above that payouts happen at $30? Wish me luck!

Stowaway Cosmetics

stowaway cosmetics homepage

Stowaway Cosmetics was founded to make the “right-size” cosmetics. All products are made to be used before they expire and packaged in styles that are easy and perfectly portable, as well as being half of the price.

Statement– ” Everything we make is simple, refined, and hardworking, eliminating any guesswork and offering just beautiful solutions. Our cosmetics are packaged in a thoughtful, minimalist, and portable way—because you are busy and are doing big things. At Stowaway, we know that if you’re on-the-move, your beauty products are too.”

Sub-Niches-lips, eyes, face, make-up


join stowaway affiliate program



Serviceable Areas


  • affiliate banners and text links
  • monthly newsletters
  • ongoing incentives and bonuses

Cookie– 45 days

Commission– 14%-18%

The Detox Market

the detox market homepage

The Detox Market was the idea of Romain Gaillard, whose primary goal was to find the green, eco-friendly, and non-toxic alternatives for the beauty industry. Over 100 submissions yearly are carefully tested, but only 2% make the cut onto The Detox Market selling platform. These standards include that no ingredients from banned ingredients list (see web page) are allowed, as well as being ethically, and cruelty-free produced.

Statement– ” Since 2010, we’ve been obsessively curating the best of green beauty, combing through thousands of products so you can feel safe and confident in your choices. Whether you need help detoxing your beauty bag or finding a skincare regimen that works for you, we’re here to help—no matter what your journey looks like.”

Sub-Niche– skincare, make-up, hair, body, wellness, vegan, vegan make-up, organic, eco-friendly

AOV- $88.58

join detox market affiliate program



Serviceable Areas– The United States


  • affiliate banners and text links
  • affiliate newsletters
  • product data feed

Cookie- 30 days

Commissions- 10% on all sales except gift cards

Wealthy Affiliate Banner

Wilma Schumann European Skin Care

wilmahumann european skin care homepage

Wilma Schumann European Skin Care has been in the professional skincare industry for over 30 years and has been a leader in serum and emulsion technologies. These unique formulations are guaranteed to help with the brightening of the skin, reduce wrinkles, and other signs of premature aging.

Statement- ” Wilma Schumann Skin Care products are the result of more than 30 years of research, testing, and dedicated professional experience in advanced European dermo-esthetic skincare.

Wilma Schumann products offer the perfect selection for healthy skin maintenance, renewal, and repair of your skin, either at home or in the skincare clinic. No hype, no gimmicks, no miracle promises…just excellent professionally tested, and proven products.”

Sub niches- skincare, anti-aging, acne

AOV- Products from $19 to $250

join wilma shumann health beauty affiliate program



Serviceable Areas- Worldwide


  • affiliate banners and text links
  • special promotions
  • realtime statistics and reporting
  • $50 payouts

Cookie- 90 days


  • 12.5% per each sale
  • keep earning 10% for any additional orders from your client in the future

Winky Lux

winky lux homepage

Winky Lux is a Glo Concept Inc Brand of cosmetics based out of New York City. This luxury brand is non-toxic, cruelty-free, and highly pigmented, made with only the finest ingredients. One of their taglines is “luxury make-up at a drug store price.”

Statement- ” Here in NYC, we’re striving to delight you with new trends, innovative packaging, and luxurious ingredients. We’re saying “Boy Bye” to parabens, sulfates, gluten, phthalates, and animal testing. Our cruelty-free, high pigment colors are designed to give you all the feels while providing real results. You’re a QUEEN; you deserve all the pretty things. We’re here to make them for you.”

Sub Niches- luxury make-up, skin-care, cruelty-free, non-toxic, eco-friendly, organic, vegan

AOV- $28.85

join winky lux affiliate program



Serviceable Areas- The United States


  • affiliate banners and text links
  • most competitive commission rate in the beauty industry, averaging 5% higher than other beauty brands
  • all affiliates are assigned a publisher development manager to guide you in promotions
  • seasonal promotions, coupons, and creatives
  • bonus incentives to the top tier affiliates
  • DMi Partners affiliate management team

Cookie- 30 day

Commissions– 7%


Murad homepage

Murad is a global leader in skincare science with a wide range of products including, anti-aging treatments, acne treatments, age spot treatments, and cellulite treatments. In fact, Murad, founded in 1989, was the first modern Doctor brand skincare line.

Statement- “Skin is beautiful when it’s healthy at the cellular level, so we create products with powerful hydrating ingredients that support the skin’s barrier function to protect cells from environmental damage and dehydration while encouraging healthy cell turnover.” – Dr. Murad

Sub Niches- luxury skin-care,

AOV- $90

join murad affiliate program



Serviceable Areas– The United States


  • affiliate banners and text links
  • no direct linking allowed
  • promotions and coupons
  • free shipping plus free products
  • dedicated affiliate program managers at OPMpros.com.

Cookie- 7 days

Commissions- 11%

DermaSet Hollywood Skin Care
DermaSet Hollywood Skin Care Homepage

Here we have an advanced anti-aging skincare product composed of natural botanical and natural elements that have been refined and carefully combined to help your skin’s ability to retain moisture, firmness, and elasticity as well as reduce the signs of wrinkles. DermaSet Hollywood Skin Care was voted the #1 anti-aging treatment in 2019.

*Out of all of the health and beauty affiliate programs that I have listed, this program seems to have the most potential out of all of them. You can not beat the fact that it was #1!

Statement- ” DermaSet will help you get back to the skin you love by erasing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, firming and tightening the appearance of saggy skin, all while returning a youthful, dewy glow.* Try DermaSet today and reclaim your youth!”

Sub Niches- anti-aging, skincare, cruelty-free

AOV- $179.00

join dermaset affiliate program



Serviceable Areas- United States


  • uni-sex product
  • affiliate banners and text links
  • landing pages
  • coupons

Cookie- 180 days


  • $35 per sale
  • earn additional $15 bonus commissions on referrals
  • make $15 on all sub-affiliate sales after that
  • make more than five sales a month, receive an incentive bonus

Silk’n Beautiful Technology

Silkn beautiful technology homepage

Silk’n has been internationally recognized for its quality and performance within the home hair removal and anti-wrinkle treatments market for ten years, with over ten million products sold. They have a huge brand recognition through a massive marketing campaign in magazines as well as on television. Silk’n has also partnered with retail chains Sephora and Saks. Millions of dollars are allocated in the marketing of this brand.

Statement– ” It all began ten years ago when a group of esteemed scientists, engineers, and business professionals, renowned for their achievements in developing minimally invasive aesthetic devices for cosmetic surgeons and professionals, set out to bring these technologies home.”

Sub Niches- hair removal, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, skincare, acne, spa treatments

AOV- $299- $599

*Out of all of the Health and Beauty affiliate programs that I have listed here, Silk’n has the highest average order value!

join Silkn health beauty affiliate programs



Serviceable Areas- Canada, United States


  • uni-sex products
  • coupons and promotional codes
  • affiliate banners and text links
  • affiliate newsletters
  • massive brand recognition and internet traffic
  • direct linking is allowed

Cookie- 45 days

Commission- 8.5%


biomagscience homepage

The major premise of BionagScience is to help sufferers of minor, acute, or chronic pain sufferers find relief by using biomagnetism. They also offer the book “Conquering Pain, the Art of Healing with BioMagnetism,” which lays out over 180 specific therapies.  There are illustrations provided that point out exactly where to place the magnets for maximum relief.

Statement- ” In developing its therapies, BiomagScience integrated Physiology and its electrical measurements with Energy Medicine to understand the correct energy values of the body. Correlating the fundamental similarities, BiomagScience developed its therapies to properly amplify the body’s flow of energy and its cellular energy to assist the body in pain relief and rapid healing. This knowledge is essential in providing proper therapy for the limbs which have different polarity meridians from each other. BiomagScience is the only company applying the correct therapies on the proper meridians.

Other magnet companies DO NOT UNDERSTAND that using the healing energy on the wrong meridian creates electromotive stress, which inhibits healing.”

Sub Niches- magnetic therapy, natural healing, Chinese medicine, pain management

AOV- product prices from $19.95 to $149.95

join biomagscience affiliate program



Serviceable Areas- United States


  • email and social media promotion allowed
    • Creatives- videos, research and case studies of pain relief, text ads
  • paid via PayPal on the 5th each month (minimum $25)
  • affiliate banners and text links
  • special note- it is illegal to say cure or heal instead use therapy

Cookie- lifetime


  • 20% plus 20% of each client’s future purchases
  • 10% for any sales of a client who signs up to be an affiliate (2% of their commission)

Advanced Bionutritionals

advanced bionutritionals homepage

Advanced Bionutritionals is the brainchild of four medical doctors who have come up with products to help with antioxidant levels, blood pressure, bone, brain and memory, cardiovascular, digestion, energy, immunity, liver, sleep, vision and much more.

Statement- “Advanced Bionutritionals is a cutting-edge line of natural health supplements backed by a strong team of doctors and peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Our team of doctors, Dr. Frank Shallenberger, Dr. Janet Zand, Dr. Steve Kroening, and Dr. Isaac Eliaz, are always researching new and better ingredients to ensure safe and effective natural solutions for your health concerns.”

Sub-Niches- alternative medicine, integrated medicine, anti-aging, energy, nutraceutical

AOV- product prices- $14.95- $199.95 and up

join advanced bionutritionals



Serviceable Areas- Worldwide, but do not ship to – Germany, Nigeria, South Africa, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Singapore, Korea, Republic of Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, India, Ecuador, Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Philippines, Ghana


  • products are sold as Trial Offer, three months, six months
  • paid the first of each month with a minimum payout of $100
  • monthly upgrades, incentives, and bonuses
  • affiliate manager
  • affiliate banners and text links
  • email swipes
  • customizable links to track your campaign
  • affiliate applicants must have an online audience of over 5000
  • affiliate must contact Bionutritionals first for permission before an email campaign

Cookie- No, they utilize postback tracking, also known as server-side tracking. This method is independent of the user’s browser.

Commission- $40 per each sale

End of the List

beauty health banner

So what did you think? Did you see anything that you would like to promote? Did you happen to notice the two health and beauty affiliate programs that pay you to join? That’s right. I have already made $30 from just researching for this blog.

Please do not get me wrong. I still need to pick a product from each program to promote and make a certain amount before I will actually see this $30, but I surely wasn’t expecting free money when I set out to write this post!

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments that you might have concerning the Health and Beauty niche. Also, so you know of any interesting Health and Beauty affiliate programs? Please share!

Down below, I will leave you with a few more posts that I have done, each concentrating on a different niche. Do you see your niche? Click the tabs for more information.

Until next time!


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Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability

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  2. The health and wellness niche is a niche that has been blossoming for years now and this is because many people are becoming very conscious of their health. I think that it will be very nice for me to get in and make my cut. This are really great affiliate programmes with some juicy commisons. I see some even have bonuses just for signing up. Thanks for giving this many options. I will give a couple a try.

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