Hobby Affiliate Programs

Hobby Affiliate Programs

Welcome back! Today I am continuing my Affiliate Program Series by highlighting a few Hobby affiliate programs. But first, how would you define a Hobby? Well, according to the dictionary, a hobby is “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.”

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

Down below, I have compiled a rather wide range of hobby affiliate programs that I found to have potential. A few examples include arts and crafts, radio-controlled Vehicles, photography, scrapbooking, and much more.

I hope that you find the information, just as exciting as I do. There are so many possibilities available within this niche. I am excited to share with you what I have found!

*For your convenience, I have linked the homepage of each business (click on the photo) as well to all of the hobby affiliate programs.


Hobbytron Homepage
Established in 2006, Hobbytron is one of the leaders of radio-controlled vehicles, air-soft guns, drones, and much more. Some great features that are offered with any purchase include free shipping, price match guarantee, and a 45-day true warranty.

Statement– ” Every day, Hobbytron will spotlight a different item offering up to 70% off its original price. From drones to RC cars to RC helicopters, expect to find some of Hobbytron’s most popular items at some of the most sought after prices. Some of the hottest items- like our great wide selection of personal drones- will be marked down exclusively for Hobbytron shoppers. Now you can expect a great surprise every day, only at Hobbytron!”

Sub-niches– radio-controlled- cars, helicopters, trucks, airplanes, boats, tanks, drones; Air-Soft guns, robots, magic tricks

AOV- $19.95

Hobbytron Affiliate Program


  • affiliate banners and text links
  • product catalog
  • coupons and deals
  • affiliate newsletters

Cookies– 90 days
Commission– 8%

AsiaTee’s Hobbies

Asiatees homepage
AsiaTee’s (ATees) is dedicated to providing not only the most exceptional quality radio-controlled (RC) hobby accessories but also at an affordable price.

They pride themselves as being the top RC e-commerce website with a 365-day return policy, a Best Price Guarantee, 24/7 customer service, same-day shipping (7 days a week) worldwide, as well as a huge selection of RC products, accessories, parts, and electronics.

Statement- ” Since 2001, ATees.com has been serving the Radio-Controlled hobby community with fast online deliveries of RC products to over 120 countries. Providing a platform for the latest products and industry news, e-commerce store, and online community interactions through our social media network with many RC hobbyists around the world.”

Sub-Niches- Radio-Controlled Cars, Tanks, Trucks, Jeeps, and Drones plus parts and add-ons.


Asiatees affiliate program


  • affiliate text links
  • payout at $30

Cookie– 10 days

Commission– up to 20%


Colnect homepage
Do you collect things? Have you ever thought of connecting with others that collect as well?

Colnect is a collector platform where you can list all of the items that you collect and look and to connect with others that have similar interests.

Though the commission is only 20% of a Premium Membership sign-up, Colnect is a place to find contacts.

Statement– ” Colnect (collect + connect ==> Colnect) is a comprehensive online solution for collectors of mass-produced collectibles (stamps, coins, phone cards, and so many more) revolutionizing the collecting experience by providing online personal collection management within a designated community.

Sub Niches
– Stamps, Baseball Cards, Coins Comics, Video Games, and much more!


Colnect affiliate program


  • affiliate banners and text links
  • payout at 25 EUR via PayPal

Cookie– 12 months
Commission– 20%

Magazine Agent

Magazine agent homepage
I found another program that would work well in the Hobby niche. How about magazines?

Over at the Magazine Agent, there are 168 Hobby and Special Interest magazines to choose from. In fact, there is a vast selection of over 1200 magazines covering many, many niches!

Statement– ” Magazines are typically quick impulse buys that make up a seven billion-dollar-a-year market, with four percent of American households subscribed to at least one magazine. Magazine subscription affiliate programs are effective and profitable because they are the perfect complement to any Website’s subject matter. With such a broad range of interest areas covered, there is guaranteed to be an appropriate title for your website.”

Sub-Niches- Quilting, Sewing, Painting, Genealogy, Models, Beads, Drones, and much more!

AOV- $33.63

magazine agent affiliate program via ShareASale


  • professional custom affiliate banners and text links
  • 24/7 access to affiliate tracking reporting
  • promotional coupon codes
  • dedicated affiliate manager
  • daily datafeed
  • 3- tier commissions

Cookie– 90 days
Commission– 40%-45%


bluprint homepage
At Bluprint, you can get step-by-step instructions from expert instructors via project plans, patterns, and video tutorials on a plethora of craft subjects, which include: quilting, sewing, painting, cooking, woodworking, jewelry making, and much more.

Bluprint also offers Shop Kits and supplies, which provides you everything you need for your next project.

Statement-” Bluprint is home to a collective group of curious, driven doers who believe in the power of creating. From our expert instructors to our passionate employees—we’re here to answer your questions, share inside tips, and ensure all of our members thrive in our community.”

Sub-Niches– Sewing, Quilting, Fabric, Paint, Draw, Woodworking, Photography, Knitting

AOV– $22.93

bluprint affiliate programvia ShareASale


  • affiliate banners and text links
  • updated datafeed
  • coupons and deals
  • affiliate newsletter
  • PPC Advertising-all affiliate links must be directed to an actual page on Your Website

Cookie– 5 to 30 days

  • 75% of first-time class* or DVD purchases by new customers (30-day cookie)
  • 15% of class* or DVD purchase by existing customers (5-day cookie)
  • 15% of physical product** purchases by new customers (30-day cookie)
  • 4% of physical product** purchases by existing customers (5-day cookie)
  • $5 Bluprint trial sign up (15-day cookie)
  • $15 Bluprint monthly membership sign up (15-day cookie)
  • $20 Bluprint 6-month membership sign up (15-day cookie)
  • $25 Bluprint annual membership sign up (15-day cookie)
  • $20 Bluprint gift subscription (15-day cookie)
  • $15 for referring a friend who is accepted into the affiliate program

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


Cricut homepage
Cricut smart cutting machines and apps allow you to create your heart’s desire. The process is straight-forward.

First, you create a design or select from thousands of ready to make projects. Then next, you place your material on a mat, load it into the machine, and press go. The machine takes care of the rest.

All Cricut machines come with Design Space, which is their free, easy to learn cloud-based design software, which allows you to access files from any device.

Statement– “From the beginning, our dream has been to help people lead creative lives by providing tools to make their do-it-yourself projects beautiful, fun, and easy. When we built our first cutting machine, we saw the potential for a simple yet powerful tool to completely transform the way people think about crafting, designing, and making. Since then, we’ve continued to innovate with new machines, materials, and tools, and Cricut users worldwide continue to amaze us with the personal, meaningful, and unique things that they make.”

Sub-Niches– Crafting, Designing, DIY. Cutter

AOV– $131.48

cricut affiliate programvia ShareASale


  • affiliate newsletters
  • promotions and incentives
  • the award-winning Affiliate management team at Acceleration Partners

Cookie– 45 days


  • 12%
  • $10 referral fee for each blogging friend who is approved as an affiliate


printify homepage
At Printify, you can choose from hundreds of products to customize with a logo, photo, or pattern. Afterward, add the product to your e-commerce store, and Printify will handle the billing, manufacturing, and delivery of your product.

Statement– ” We’re passionate about great ideas that change everyone’s lives for the better. We set out to break down the needlessly complex print and merch industry so that creative minds, restless digital nomads, time-strapped entrepreneurs, and everyone in between can do what they do best: create great products, drive sales, and run their own business. That’s why we created Printify.” Co-founders of Printify – James Berdigans and Artis Kehris

Sub-Niches- DIY Designing, Clothes, Accessories, Art, Home and Living, E-Commerce


printify affiliate program


  • affiliate banners and text links
  • direct linking is allowed
  • email marketing and social marketing is allowed

Cookie– 12 months
Commission– 5%


redbubble homepage
Established in 2006 in Australia, RebBubble’s mission has been to be an artistic platform where artists can share their visions and art with the world.

Today RebBubble connects over 700,000 artists and designers from across the world to their fans.

Statement– ” Redbubble is a global marketplace, with unique, original art offered for sale by awesome, independent artists on high-quality products. Whether you’re a fan of illustration, photography, design, collage, painting, mixed media, or typography, thousands upon thousands of amazing artworks are featured on Redbubble from the studios, lenses, and desktops of artists across the globe. Our mission is to help more artists and designers share their work with the world.”

Sub Niches- Art, Home & Living, Accessories, DIY, Phone cases, Stationery, Photography, Clothing, Fashion, Lifestyle

AOV– $42.00

redbubble affiliate program via ShareASale


  • monthly affiliate newsletter
  • product datafeed with thousands of products updated daily
  • affiliate banners and text links
  • dedicated affiliate account management with Acceleration Partners
  • offers, incentives, and contests

Cookie– 30 days

Commissions-up to 10% with incentives

Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School homepage
Digital Photography School (dPS) is one of the oldest and most popular digital photography blogs online.

Established in 2006, dPS has connected a community of over 2 million digital photographers who enjoy learning and sharing helpful tips and techniques.

Membership is entirely free, but there are many resources and Featured Courses that are available for sale.

Statement– “I previously owned and operated a digital camera review site – and over two years, I had a lot of emails from readers asking for tips on how to use their cameras. I came to the conclusion that while there are many millions of cameras being bought each year around the world, a very large number of people could be using their cameras to achieve better results. I’d written a number of ‘tips’ articles over the past couple of years, but my focus was mostly on cameras. As a result, I wanted to start a site dedicated purely to ‘how to’ tips.” Darren Rowse, Founder

Sub Niches– Photography, Education, Learning

AOV$9- $99

Digital Photography School affiliate program


  • affiliate banners and text links
  • use AffliateWP, a WordPress plug-in to track sales that work with their shopping cart
  • payouts via PayPal


Commission– 40%

Scrapbook com homepage

Established in 1999, Scrapbook.com has been the leading online source for scrapbooking and paper crafting supplies on the web.

Millions of Scrapbookers visit Scrapbook.com every month! In fact, on ShareASale, they are in the top 100 affiliate programs, ranked at 66.

Statement- ” Scrapbook.com is now the most visited paper crafting website and store in the world, happily welcoming millions of crafters every month.

Sub-niche- Crafts, Paper, Wedding, Journal, Stamping, Travel

AOV- $53.58

scrapbook.com affiliate program via ShareASale


  • over 50,000 products
  • affiliate banners, text links
  • affiliate newsletter
  • Invitation to join Scrapbook.com Facebook Affiliate group
  • monthly contests, giveaways, and exclusive offers
  • dedicated affiliate manager

Cookie- 30 days

Commission- 10%- 20%


misterart homepage
MisterArt.com has been an industry leader online since 1996 and is the largest discount dealer of arts and crafts supplies worldwide. They have a solid and loyal customer base.

Statement– ” Whether you’re a die-hard painter, sculptor, photographer, scrapbooker, mixed media artist, encaustics guru, student or artisan of any kind, we offer the materials, solutions, and tools you need at the prices you love.”

Sub Niches- Art’s and Crafts, Sculpting, Photography, Scrapbooking, Printmaking, Drawing, Airbrushing, and much more


misterart affiliate programvia CJ Affiliates


  • affiliate banners and text links
  • weekly newsletters
  • updated data feed
  • over 25,000 unique art’s and crafts supplies at up to 50% off
  • free shipping on orders over $200

Cookie– 30 day
Commission– 3%-7%

Ted’s Woodworking

teds woodworking homepage
Ted’s Woodworking is a digital product and is also the highest converting woodworking site on the internet.

With over 16,000 step-by-step woodworking plans with exact cutting material lists for every project, you will think that you have a master woodworker helping you every step of the way.

Statement– ” TedsWoodworking consistently ranked top #1 to 5 across the entire Clickbank’s network is proof of this HIGHLY lucrative niche. We’ve been platinum vendors for more than eight years, and we pay out 6 figure commissions to our affiliates EACH MONTH! Here’s why: We serve a hungry market with RABID fans…. and we’re VERY good at it. Woodworking is an evergreen niche with a demographic that is passionate. These folks have high spending habits who are always willing to purchase and plans such as TedsWoodworking to improve their craft.”

Sub-Niches- Woodworking, DIY, Survival, Home, Green Energy, Conservative

AOV- $91.50

teds woodworking affiliate program


  • affiliate banners and text links
  • email swipes
  • landing pages
  • 50 free woodworking plans to giveaway
  • Super-Affiliate Secrets” newsletter which includes a complete guide of proven strategies


Commission- $125/ sale plus 75%

So what did you think? Did you find anything that has piqued your interest?

Personally, I am interested in Magazine Agent. I have another website that concentrates on the beaches of San Diego. While looking over the options, there happen to be several magazines that would fit very well for this website.

So I signed up for my first hobby affiliate program, and it took less than 20 minutes to be accepted into the program!

I encourage you to look over the list and try signing up for yourself.

Please check back later, as I will be actively adding more hobby affiliate programs when I come across them.

Down below, I will leave you links to all of the other affiliate programs that I have found thus far, each divided into the top niches of 2019.
Until next time!


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  1. Colnet has to be the platform that I would really want to join judging from the fact that it has so much options for one when looking at it from here. The commission is very juicy and they are into a very diverse range of activities. Video gaming for example is a niche that has grown to become a successful one over the years. I could dive into that and get good commissions on sales. I would love to join in. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome opportunity. I would sign up for colnet. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for this great list of hobby affiliate programs, it is timed perfectly for me and is just what I was looking for. I’m about to launch my new hobby-niche affiliate website, but so far, the only affiliate programs I had set up were Amazon, so it’s great to see so many options. Do you think it’s good to mix up the affiliate programs on my niche site, or should I focus on one program? Thanks, I appreciate it!

  3. Thank you for your post. I started my online business for a while now and actively looking for money-making opportunities. Your article gives brilliant ideas regarding hobby affiliate programs. It is so nice to turn my hobby into a money-making opportunity.

    I particularly like the Printify affiliate program, since I love arts and designs. It is so nice that I can choose from hundreds of products to customize with a logo, photo, or pattern. Then, add the product to my e-commerce store, and Printify will handle the billing, manufacturing, and delivery of your product. In this way, I can process my online business rapidly.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful idea with us.

  4. Oh, I never knew what a hobby affiliate program meant, but from reading your post here, I think that I very much understand now all that it means. I am currently still taking training from a platform, so I do not know which niche that I will jump in on for now, but this one also looks good, but I don’t think it will do well as a first niche to jump into. Thanks, I will bookmark this post for reference.

  5. Hi Colleen. This is so beautiful knowing I can earn doing my hobby. I am not really familiar with most of these websites listed here on this page. But I definitely love it.

    I found my hobby in Hobbytron. I am a tech jerk. Lol. I love Technology so much, especially robotic. I remember back then in the Polytechnics, and we would do construct circuits for these.

  6. Hi; after reading this post I realized that there are many Affiliate Programs out there that Affiliate Marketers can connect to promote their products that some of us never even heard of.

     I sure know that Wealthy Affiliate is right for me! Are all these Affiliate Programs available to marketers from any part of the world?

     I certainly will have to consider some of these Hobby Affiliate programs to promote their products. Thanks again


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