How to Add a Link in WordPress
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How to Add a Link in WordPress

Welcome! Are you looking to monetize your blog website?  Well did you know it is as easy as adding a link into a post or page?

Do you know how to add a link in WordPress? Well okay, because I am now going to go over briefly the correct way to add an affiliate link in a WordPress post.

I will also be showing you, step-by-step instructions on how to add an affiliate link to a text phrase; as well as, how to add an affiliate banner within a post or in a sidebar or footer widget.

In essence, I am showing you how to monetize your website blog. Would you care to know more? Then follow me while we paddle out and surf on the waves of success while we learn some affiliate marketing tips together.

Let’s go!

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So you have signed up to several affiliate programs, and now it is time to add some of those affiliate links into your WordPress blog. It may seem a little daunting the first time you add an affiliate link, but as the adage goes- “practice makes perfect.”

As a rule, I would suggest only adding two links per post. You do not want to overdo it. So let first start by adding a text link, followed by adding an affiliate banner to a post, and finally, placing an affiliate banner on the sidebar.

Adding an Affiliate Link to Text is a piece of cake!

So today, I thought that I would use ClickBank as an example. If you are not familiar with ClickBank, it is the largest online supplier of digital products and goods. For this tutorial, I have randomly chosen to promote

Here we have a tutorial being sold, which claims that you can make money from YouTube without having to film anything or market.

Interesting, but I digress.

Let’s now first see how we get our affiliate link from ClickBank.

And once we have this link, I am going to show you how to add it to a text phrase.

Obtaining an Affiliate Link from ClickBank

Down below is an example of how I fetched an affiliate link from ClickBank.

clickbank affiliate link how to add link in WordPress

Next, I will be copying the above affiliate link to the clipboard and then later pasting this link into a text phrase within our post.

Example of how to add a link in WordPress

text affiliate link how to add a link to WordPress

          1. the first step is to highlight the text phrase
          2. Click on the link icon
          3. Paste the affiliate link into here
          4. Click here to edit the link to open in a new tab

insert edit link example in WordPress

As you can see, can see from the above example, it is not hard at all to add an affiliate link to a text phrase.

One thing to keep in mind though is always to choose the option of opening in a new tab as your main goal is to keep visitors on your website.

If it does not open in a new page, visitors might forget to go back to your page!

How to Add an Affiliate Banner to Post in WordPress

Again, we are going to be using the same affiliate example from ClickBank to demonstrate now how to add an affiliate banner to your post.

Placing banners is a little different from when adding to a text phrase. First of all, you will need to add your affiliate ID to the banner code, before adding it to your post.

affiliate id example how to add a link in WordPress

Do you see where I have underlined? Here is the place where you have to add your affiliate ID-as you can see mine is Whalemama. All you have to do is delete yourID and type in the affiliate ID.

adding name to affiliate link example

So as you can see, I added my ClickBank ID name (whalemama) to the affiliate link, so if anyone were to purchase this product, I would get a small commission.

So the next step would be to go back to the back office in WordPress.

What I like to do is embed the code. What is an embedded code you ask? It is a block of HTML (computer language) which creates an object onto your website. For this example, I am referring to adding an affiliate banner.

Embedding the Affiliate Banner Into a Post

adding affiliate banner post example

          • place three x’s (xxx) where you want the code to be placed
          • click on the text tab
          • delete the three x’s and paste the code
          • next click on the visual tab
          • remember to click update afterward, so you do not lose your work

example affiliate banner in post WordPress


Here is the finished product!

As you can see, all I did was add this banner to an empty post page to give you an idea.

How you use the banner is up to you. I have seen many websites that like to place banners like these intermediately within the content. Think of it as advertisements scattered within your content. I have yet to do this, but if you have a lot of traffic, it surely does not hurt, or does it?

On the other hand, some believe that you should not have very many advertisements placed on your website, because some readers may be turned off by the ‘spammy’ feel of the site.

How to Place a Link in WordPress- Sidebar Widget

When you visit other websites, have you notice that some of them have many advertisements on their sidebars or in the footers?

Here is another way that you can monetize your blog without having to write any product reviews or posts about the said products. It is up to you how many you would like on the sidebar or footers, but remember that less is more when you are first starting.

All themes are different in terms of where and how many widgets are available for you to utilize. So before starting, check and see where the widgets may be placed, because, in some themes, there are no footer widgets.

Here is an example of how to add a sidebar widget banner in WordPress.

The steps are the following-

  1. Click on Appearances
  2. Scroll down to Widgets
  3. Choose which Widget you would like to use- for an affiliate banner, choose custom HTML
  4. Choose where you would like to place the widget- I picked sidebar, but you could add it in a footer if you would like
  5. Click save

addint link sidebar widget how to add a link in WordPress

Copy and Paste the Affiliate Banner Code in a Sidebar Widget

As you can see, can see, the widget is set on the sidebar, now you open up the widget and paste the banner code; followed by clicking on save. Easy-peasy, right?

Remember that the first time is a bit daunting, but as I said earlier, with practice, it gets to be quite straightforward.

live preview affiliate banner sidebar widget


Live Preview of Affiliate Banner

Here is what it looks like after I have clicked on Live Preview. Pretty basic, right? As you can see, can see, the affiliate banner has been put on the right sidebar.

Final Thoughts

So there you have my concise tutorial on how to add a link in WordPress. In summary, we covered adding an affiliate link to a text phrase. Meaning that if anyone hovers over the text phrase and clicks on it, the reader will be sent to the companies page, and if the reader buys the product, you will receive a commission.

We also covered how to add an affiliate banner to a post or within a sidebar widget.

Let’s summarize the steps to take again to monetize your blog by adding affiliate links, shall we?

  • have a website
    • write out some content to place on your website
  • find affiliate products and services to promote
    • join those programs
  • create content
    • add affiliate links to text phrases
    • place affiliate banners on posts
    • add affiliate banners to sidebar and footer widgets

Well, I sure hope that I was able to help you on how to add a link in WordPress!

If you have any questions or comments about this material, please feel free to leave down below in the comment section.

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Good Luck to you!

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  1. Great explanation on affiliate links, and adding links in general. I actually didn’t know you could add affiliate banners and this helped me out tremendously. This is awesome. Glad I dropped by and I found your page to help me with this issue I was having. I will be checking out your recommendations as well. Thanks. Don

    1. Thank you for stopping by and comment Don! I am glad that you found the information helpful and that was my primary goal!

  2. This is such a useful post! I love that you used a ClickBank link and not Amazon – everybody show it on amazon links, so this is very refreshing and new. The same goes for adding it to widgets and/or banners. You don’t see posts describing a bit more advanced stuff very often, so thank you for that. Now I can upgrade my links as well 🙂

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Katya!

      I am so happy to hear that you found my information valuable! I used ClickBank as an example because I just finished writing up a post on their affiliate program. I became very familiar with how things work over there after hours of research. 

      As for advanced moves, I have come to love adding the code like that (Text vs. Visual), as it makes me feel like a rockstar! I love showing my kids. As you can see, it is not as difficult as one would expect. Thank you again for the comment!

  3. Excellent review about how to add link in world press. Actually, WordPress to me, is very easy to explore even without training. I could remember how I used to play around my website when I first created it before I now watch video training about WordPress. This review will be of help for many people who find wealthy affiliate training or other means cumbersome and looking for a simplified way of dropping link between words or pictures in a post. 

    1. Hi Stella!

      I will be the first to admit that I am very slow learning, so it takes me quite a bit of time to learn something new. Because of this, I like to show each step by step instructions.

      Also, I agree that you can find so much helpful information on YouTube. I too want to go there first to see if there might be a video which explains a problem that I am having. 

      To be honest, sometimes the official WordPress tutorials go too fast for me, and it seems that I have to watch them several times before I can get the hang of it, not to mention that I take extensive notes as well.

  4. It’ so nice of you to make a written tutorial on how to make affiliate links and banners in Word Press. You even added screen shots which make it easier to follow. It’s very important for bloggers to know about this because it’s a necessary step to monetize the website. No matter how great the content is, if an affiliate link cannot be done then you might as well say goodbye to commissions. Clearly, it’s how you generate income from your website. Thanks for sharing this. Sometimes it’s confusing to some people especially for beginners.

    1. Hi Missus B! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate the fact my information was helpful to you. On one of my websites, I have yet to add any affiliate links, until I am satisfied with the amount of traffic that I generate. It is an odd niche, but my goal will prevail eventually.  Thanks again for the comment!


  5. This site is very informative and helpful. I recently started a site and I was wondering how to get links onto it. What do you recommend as best way to post links? As is which one do you think looks the best? I want to find the best way to put adds on my site without making my site looking clogged and outdated.

    1. Hi Marlo! Great question! I agree that the primary goal of your website is not to look too pushy in terms of mass amounts of affiliate links and banners. 

      My favorite way to post links is to add them to an image, followed by using a text link. On one of my websites, I rely primarily on Google Maps, so sometimes I like to add a button in which you can click on, and you will be taken to the appropriate map. I think you just gave me the motivation to add this to my content.

      Also, I remember learning from a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member, that you should not have any affiliate banners or advertisements ‘above the fold.’ What this means is that when a reader first lands to your site, you do not see any affiliate banners until you start to scroll down. I hope this answers your question. Thank you for the comment!

  6. Hey Colleen! Great refresher. I’ve been a little hesitant in adding affiliate banners to my new website. I’ve heard several reasons why it is not recommended to place banner adds on a new website. It has to do with the amount of traffic that you are receiving. Is this true? Also, I was told by one of WA senior members that in order to get some traction from organic traffic, you should have at least 50 optimized and relevant (to your audience) published posts. If that’s the case, then I got a long way to go to even start thinking about adding any banners or adds to my website…any thoughts? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Luis! Yes! You are correct! Thank you for mentioning this fact. It is a better idea to wait on banner ads until you have a consistent amount of traffic and content. I will add that tidbit to my content.  While writing, I was trying to cover all the different scenarios that you might come upon when building a website. Thank you again for your comment!

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