How to Start in Affiliate Marketing to Earn Extra Cash

How to Start in Affiliate Marketing to Earn Extra Cash

Are you familiar with affiliate marketing? You know, in essence, promoting other people’s products and earning a small commission? Sounds interesting, yes? Looking in from the outside, it seems doable, but where to start? Today I would like to show you how to start in affiliate marketing to earn extra cash. I will show you in four steps how easy it is to start an online business from scratch.

            1. Define your Niche
            2. Set up a Website and write content
            3. Find affiliate programs that fit your niche and add affiliate links to your content
            4. Social Media platforms to share your content

What is a Niche in Affiliate Marketing?

So what exactly is a niche? I remember learning about environmental niches when I was in college. Each niche in nature has its specific role and purpose and a defining characteristic. Would this apply to what I am trying to convey in terms of niche marketing online? Absolutely!

An affiliate niche is a narrowed category within a much broader subject that targets a specific demographic within the whole. For example, you love fashion. So what would be a niche market within fashion? Let’s take a step even further and concentrate on women’s fashion. We can narrow that down even more by focusing on working women’s fashion, or how about teen fashion trends.

How about another example. Let’s say you love to garden. How can we narrow down gardening? What does gardening entail exactly, and what products would we be able to promote to become an authority? Gardening tools? Heirloom seeds? Fertilizer?

You see, the possibilities are endless. My only advice to stick with something that you are passionate about because you are going to be writing large amounts of content about the subject.

How to Set Up a Website

SiteRubix free website

So you have a niche, and now it is time to create a niche website to add all of your unique content that you want to share with the world! Setting up a website is not as hard as you think.

Today I would like to introduce to you my favorite option when it comes to setting a website from scratch! Did I happen to mention that it is free?

Yes, you read that right, FREE! FREE!

Create a Website with SiteRubix!

SiteRubix is a free online website creator. There is nothing to buy, so I encourage you to take a look at this previous post that I wrote, which gives you step- by- step instructions on how to set up your website in a matter of minutes. Click here to learn more! I also show you have to make a menu as well as adding an About Me page.

After setting up the website, take a couple of hours to write some content to put onto the site. It is essential to add pertinent information on why you have created the website and how you can help people with the material that you have created.

OK, so now you have a website with a bit of content. The next step will be to find products to promote within your niche for your website.

How to Find Affiliate Programs for Your Niche Website

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Search the internet to find products to promote

So here we are on one of the most critical aspects, finding products to promote. If you ever wondered how to start in an affiliate marketing to earn extra cash, searching for affiliate programs that fit your niche is not as hard as you may think.

Again, if you are starting, I urge you to check out one of my other previous blogs- Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners.

Here I have researched a compared the top five affiliate programs which are a great place to start for beginners

Applying to become an affiliate marketer is relatively easy in the programs that I have presented to you. Once accepted, take a look at the products and choose a few to start promoting. I am not going to say that it is easy, but with practice and time, the process will become second nature.

It is important to note that some affiliate programs require that you get a few sales in the first few months.

Do not worry if you are dropped, because there are so many other programs that you can try out.

Other Ways to Find Affiliate Programs Online

magnifying glass free stock photo

Did you know that at the bottom of a businesses’ website, chances are there will be a link to an affiliate program?

So take a look at some of your favorite business sites and see if they might have an affiliate program that you can join.

If, for example, you are new to this world, do a google search of some of your favorite products and see what businesses promote them and apply to become an affiliate. It is that simple.

Time to Write Your Unique Content!

So now, we come down to one of the most critical steps, finding something to promote and write excellent and unique content. If you are unsure how to promote, take a day to do some research on your competition.

What is missing in their reviews of the services or products? How can you improve and write more in-depth content?

Again, this takes time and practice, so do not be discouraged. My advice is to keep at it! Do not let that nagging feeling get a hold of you.

Everyone has to start somewhere, yes? The more you write, the better you will get! And do not forget to add your affiliate links to your content!

It is also essential to keep in mind that you should write like you are talking to a friend. Try not to be too pushy; just let the words flow and keep in mind that honesty is the best policy.

When reviewing a product, try to be as personal as possible. You want others to trust you, and what better way than to tell the truth, all the time.

Sharing is Caring – Share Your Content on Social Media!

Social media 3D boxes free images share content

The next and final step is to share your content on social media. There are so many options out there these days, so I suggest you create accounts in as many as you feel comfortable.

As of 2019, Instagram seems to be the most popular these days, but Facebook and Twitter are not that far behind. Pinterest has strict rules as you are not allowed to post affiliate links, so keep that in mind.

Remember, you are creating a brand, so keep that in mind when conversing with possible customers. Once you have created the social media accounts, research your competition. How can you create better content or better advertisements within the social media platform?

Start following others who share the same interests or have similar niches. You will find that there are endless amounts of information out there for you to research.

One of the most important things to remember is to create content consistently and also to share this content frequently. The more information that you have on the web which you have created increases the chances that your content will eventually be seen.

In Closing – Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate

So I hope I answered a few questions regarding how to start in affiliate marketing to earn some extra cash. Though it may take some time to get noticed and to make your first sale, it is possible, and it just takes time and practice.

If you were like me and have no idea where to start in terms of learning the basics of affiliate marketing, may I suggest to you my number one recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate? ( I have written a previous post which goes in-depth, click here for more information)

Wealthy Affiliate, which is also referred to as an “online affiliate marketing university,” is an excellent place to start in terms of learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

Having been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over a year and a half, I have learned so much in terms of content creation, affiliate marketing strategies, website creation as well as being a part of a community of over one million like-minded individuals.

One of the most excellent features of Wealthy Affiliate is the ability to ask questions and get answers in a matter of minutes. There are also several classrooms in which you can access as a member, which are invaluable in terms of creating a successful online marketing website.

Take a look at the different classrooms and tell me what you think.

            • Authoring and Writing Content
            • Getting Started
            • Social Engagement and Marketing
            • Keyword, Niche and Market Research
            • Website Development and Programming
            • Search Engine Optimization
            • Everything WordPress
            • Pay-Per-Click Marketing
            • Email Marketing
            • Local Marketing
            • Video Marketing

As you can see from the list above, there is a plethora of information at Wealthy Affiliate that would help you immensely! How about if I told you that you could take a look at the platform, create a website, and be a part of the community of Wealthy Affiliate for seven days for absolutely nothing?

All you have to do is click on the banner below and leave an email address (no credit card needed), and you will have free access for seven days.

If you are still not sure after seven days, you have the option of only paying 19 dollars, and you will have an entire month on Wealthy Affiliate to explore and ask questions.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner

You Are On Your Way to Begin Making Extra Cash!

money how to start in affiliate marketing to

So in closing, let’s summarize one more time on how to start in affiliate marketing to earn extra money.

First, you should have a website set-up with a niche in mind.

Second, there should be a bit of content on this website before signing up for affiliate programs. Once you have been accepted into the programs, find products and services to promote and write content. Do not forget to add some affiliate links within your content

–> Review- How to Add an Affiliate Link <–

And finally, share your content via social media frequently.

Thank you for taking the time to learn how to start in affiliate marketing to earn extra cash. I wish you all the success in the world!

Please check back later, as I will be listing the top affiliate programs that you never knew existed. Good luck to you, and remember-

If four things are followed- having a great aim,

Acquiring knowledge, hard work and perseverance-

Then anything can be achieved!

A.P.J Abdul Kalam


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  1. I love the quote you shared at the bottom of this post.  Success will depend on each of our ability to do four things: have a great aim, acquiring knowledge, hard work and perseverance.  

    Having ONE great aim has been my struggle.   So, I was reading your selecting a niche part closely.  I am going to try your suggestion about web pages that I visit.  From now on, I will start looking to the bottom of the page to see if they have an affiliate program.   Thanks for the idea!  And the quote.   

    1. Hi Sondra!

      When I first saw the above quote, I knew that I had to use it in my post, because it is so true! I have been online for over a year and a half, and the ‘fire in my belly’ is only getting stronger. 

      Though at times, it almost seems impossible, in terms of writing content, I have told myself over and over again that I am not giving up!

      So in the meantime, I am learning all that I can to share with those who are just starting in Affiliate Marketing. I am learning so much right along with you.

      I remember learning, in the beginning, to pay close attention to the footers of business websites, because so many of them do have affiliate programs. I am glad that you appreciated the tip just as much as I did. 

      Good luck to you!

  2. Affiliate marketing is a goldmine of opportunity. The niche ideas that one can start in are infinite, and you can choose several interests to create multiple streams of income online. I found your link to the Affiliate Programs especially helpful. There are so many programs available to join and promote products, sometimes even without a website. Good to mention that each social media platform has their own rules on what type of links can be posted. You’ve got some great information here for anyone looking to start their own affiliate marketing business. I’ve bookmarked to share.

    1. Hi Cris! I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed the information that I presented. There is so much to know and understand before you actually start promoting products in affiliate programs.

      One more thing, the other night while researching social media, I found the Tumblr is the number one social media platform now! And another great place is Quora. So if you haven’t already, I urge you to take a look at both. 

      Thanks again for your comment, and good luck to you!

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