What is Niche Marketing?

Are you familiar with affiliate marketing? Have you ever thought of creating a website to try your hand at affiliate marketing, but you have no idea where to start? Well, today, I am going to introduce you to niche marketing. Are you familiar with the term? So what is niche marketing, and how can it help you with affiliate marketing?

What is a Niche?

A niche is a specifically narrowed section within a vast subject. Or in other words, a group of people looking for a specific product or service.

For instance, let’s take running shoes as an example. As you can see, running shoes are a particular type of shoe. Can we narrow it even more and concentrate on women’s running shoes? Or how narrowing down even further by focusing on a specific brand of running shoe. Would you like to focus on beginner runners or marathon runners? I bet that they both have two different sets of ideas when it comes to shoes? So wouldn’t you concur that targeting these groups would be somewhat different?

Or how about this example, you enjoy writing about fashion trends, but again this may be too broad. So how about concentrating on college fashion, or even better, professional women’s wear? Do you see where I am going with this?


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How to Become a CJ Affiliate

So do you want to learn how to become an affiliate marketer? Have you defined your niche? OK, today, I would like to delve in a bit into one of the largest affiliate marketing networks online- CJ Affiliates.

Formerly known as Commission Junction, which was founded in 1998, is one of the most established and the worlds largest affiliate network online today. Here you will find thousands of companies (advertisers) to choose from all under one roof. CJ Affiliates represents over 4,000 advertisers from all over the world, and also has over 70,000 publishers actively working on their platform.

What is an Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and least expensive ways of starting your own business. The question is, what do you want to promote, and what key areas are you most interested in, in terms of creating content?

As an affiliate, you, in essence, are creating “free advertising” for all of the business/services that you are promoting.


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How to Start in Affiliate Marketing to Earn Extra Cash

How to Start in Affiliate Marketing to Earn Extra Cash

Are you familiar with affiliate marketing? You know, in essence, promoting other people products and earning a small commission? Sounds interesting, yes? Looking in from the outside, it seems doable, but where to start? Today I would like to show you how to start in affiliate marketing to earn extra cash. I will show you in four steps how easy it is to start an online business from scratch.

            1. Define your Niche
            2. Set up a Website and write content
            3. Find affiliate programs that fit your niche and add affiliate links to your content
            4. Social Media platforms to share your content


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Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Today I would like to go over a few Affiliate Marketing programs for those just starting. Believe me when I say, that it can genuinely be intimidating at first, but with a bit of practice you will be on your way in no time!

First, have you ever thought about trying your hand at Affiliate Marketing, but you have no idea how or where to start? Do you have your website? Would you like to monetize your passion?

I am sure you have heard it all before, but there are large amounts of money to be made online these days. For instance, according to recent findings, it is estimated that by 2020, over 6.8 billion dollars will be made by affiliate marketers. That is billion, with a capital B!


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How to Make a Free Website in SiteRubix

So are you interested in trying your hand at Affiliate Marketing but you are not quite sure where to start? Do not worry, I got you covered! Many may argue that with today’s social media platforms, having a website is not required.

Well, I beg to differ. One of the main criteria for Affiliate Programs is that you have a website. You see, here is where you create your unique content to share with the world.

Today, I would like to share with you, how to make a free website with one of the leading website platforms out there-SiteRubix. Not only will I show you how easy it is to make a free website, but I will also show you step-by-step instructions on how to add a photo to the header, as well as creating your first menu and an About Me page!


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About Me

I am so happy that you are here! My name is Colleen and I am the owner and administrator here at the Surfing Affiliate and I am here to help you achieve your dreams. Dreams that you never even thought existed!

First a little background. I am the proud mother of three beautiful children and a loving and caring husband. I worked only part-time for the past 20 some years so I would be able to stay home and raise my children.

Well, at this time in my life, they are all grown up and are beginning to leave the house to go spread their wings. For me,  it is the perfect time to start thinking more about what I want to do with my future. It is time to spread my wings too!


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