Top Fitness Affiliate Programs on CJ Affiliate

Top Fitness Affiliate Programs on CJ Affiliate

Welcome back! Today I am continuing my Affiliate Program series by looking more into the Health and Fitness niche. While researching this post, I was surprised by how many the affiliate network, CJ Affiliate by Conversant, had to offer. Therefore, I am only going to concentrate on CJ Affiliate and breakdown for you all the essential information regarding the top 10 US fitness affiliate programs offered on this network.

If you happen to have no idea who or what CJ Affiliate is, I have previously written a detailed explanation if you would like more information.

Why are these fitness affiliate programs the best?

I want to specify why I determined these fitness affiliate programs to be the best to promote on CJ Affiliate.

On the platform, there is a scale between 1-5 with five being best, which showcases the Network Earnings.

All of the programs that I have listed are within the 3-5 range unless they are specified as being a new program. I added these new ones because they both seem unique and promising (FitTrack, HIIT Box).

So are you ready to see what the top fitness affiliate programs are? As a bonus, I have also included two brand new business which just joined the CJ Affiliate platform that seems promising. If you are in the fitness niche, joining these two new ones might put you at an advantage, since not many others are promoting these items.

What is Fitness, and what kind of products are there to promote?

What do you think of when you think of fitness?

Working out? Going to the gym? Playing sports?

I was surprised that there is much, much more, in terms of fitness than work out. Would the word electronics come to mind?

How about a monthly fitness subscription box? I have found so very intriguing affiliate programs down below, that do not fit into something that you think of right off the top of your head.

Down below I have provided for you a link to each webpage (click on the photo) as well as to the appropriate affiliate program is available.

Electronic Fitness Affiliate Programs

electronic fitness banner


In my day and age, the only electronics that we had when working out was a Sony Walkman. Wow, how times have changed in terms of everything that you can learn about your body from gadgets.

Take a look and be blown away.


aaptv homepage fitness affiliate programs

Aaptiv is the #1 audio-based fitness app where expert trainers guide the workouts. There are thousands of exercises to choose from, with over 30 new ones offered each week. 7-day free trial.

Serviceable areas– Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States

Statement- “Our vision is simple: we want to improve the lives of millions through fitness. Our journey begins with a magical combination of scientifically effective programming, empathetic trainers, and uplifting music. As we grow, our members can count on us to deliver the most convenient, personalized, and fun way to work out—an always-there partner that guides them to their healthiest, happiest lives.”

Niches– fitness, electronics, phone apps

button join affiliate program aaptiv




  • get a commission for every sale; there are no limits
  • extensive insights with an affiliate dashboard
  • custom banners and affiliate links
  • dedicated affiliate team

Cookie– 45 days


  • $15/sale (up to 100)
  • $20/sale (101-500)
  • $25/sale (501 or more)


Fitbit homepage website

Fitbit, an industry leader, was voted to be the best ‘Tracker” of 2018 by Wareable. According to Amazon, Fitbit is consistently the #1 seller of connected devices.

They also offer Smartwatches and Smart Scales. Fitbit Premium, which is new, includes guided programs, advanced insights, advanced sleeping tools, and dynamic workouts- all on your phone.

Serviceable Areas– the United States plus limited areas (See CJ Affiliate)

Statement– ” When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, steps are just the beginning. Fitbit tracks every part of your day—including activity, exercise, food, weight, and sleep—to help you find your fit, stay motivated, and see how small steps make a big impact. ”

Niches– fitness, health, electronics, sleeping solutions

button join affiliate program Fitbit


  • affiliate banners and text links
  • high conversion rates
  • earn commissions on all product sales
  • responsive CJ and Fitbit affiliate team to help

Cookie– 15 day

Commission– 3%


Fittrack homepage fitness affiliate programs

FitTrack carries a synchronized scale and app that lets users track 17 different health metrics (including BMR, Hydration Rate, Muscle Mass) from their smartphone.

In essence, the scale has four electrodes that you step on, and a very weak electronic signal is passed through the body.

FitTrack is also new to the CJ platform

Serviceable Areas– Worldwide, but for affiliates- United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Statement– ” We are passionate about empowering individuals by giving them direct insight into their health. FitTrack helps users stay motivated in their health and wellness journey while providing a streamlined in-app experience that compliments our sleek scale. We pride ourselves on creating added value to our customers’ lives by providing them with the tools to track their success.”

Niche– fitness, electronics, health, weight loss, muscle building

button join affiliate program fittrack




  • affiliate banners and text links
  • product catalog and high-resolution images
  • exclusive offers for your followers
  • affiliate newsletter
  • dedicated affiliate manager

Cookie– 7-day

Commission– $10 on all orders made after clicking on an affiliate banner or link on your website.

are you ready for a change banner

Fitness Equipment Affiliate Programs

fitness equipment banner

Academy Sports + Outdoors

academy sports homepage fitness website

Academy Sports + Outdoors is dedicated to providing the best brands at the lowest prices possible.

They are proud of the fact that the comparison price all of their items against the competition, ensuring to have the lowest prices for their products available.

Serviceable Area– United States

Statement– “Academy Sports + Outdoors is dedicated to making it easier for everyone to enjoy more sports and outdoors. With a wide range of quality hunting, fishing and camping equipment, patio sets, barbecue grills, along with sports and recreation products, we’re for the fanatics, the seasoned veterans, and those just starting out. We’re for all.”

Niches– fitness, sports equipment, outdoors

Join Affiliate via CJ Affiliate


  • affiliate banners and text links
  • product catalog
  • free shipping promotions
  • year-round seasonality

Cookie– 30 day

Commission– 2%

Horizon Fitness

horizon fitness homepage fitness affiliate programs

Horizon Fitness has been a worldwide leader in the fitness equipment industry.

For over 35 years, they have been providing their customers with durable ellipticals, treadmills, exercise bikes, and more. All the equipment is designed to work with your favorite training apps.

Serviceable Areas– United States

Statement– ” The simple assembly and easy-to-use features on Horizon Fitness machines make getting started and sticking to a workout routine easy. Horizon equipment is specially designed to fit the body so you can move naturally while you work out. And space-saving technologies like Featherlight Folding mean your machine will fit perfectly in your living space. When you buy Horizon, you buy direct from the manufacturer, so you can rest assured you’re getting a dependable machine for the best value.”

Niche– fitness, health, sports training, equipment, weight loss

button join affiliate program Horizon Fitness




  • the average order is over $800
  • free shipping on all orders
  • affiliate links and banners
  • dedicated affiliate team and resources

Cookie– 30 days

Commission– 8%

Perform Better

perform better homepage fitness website

Perform Better has been in the business of providing high-quality gym and exercise equipment since 1991. Their website offers over 1500 products, with the average sale being $150. Customer promotions include free shipping, buy 2 get one free, site-wide percentage discounts, free products with purchase, and more.

Serviceable area– United States

Statement– “Speed, strength, agility, power, stability, and conditioning are vital components to success in any athletic competition or for overall fitness. With this in mind, Perform Better carefully selects each fitness equipment product in our catalog for its ability to help improve sports performance, rehabilitation, and functional fitness.”

Niches– fitness, sports, strength training, cardio, weight loss

button join affiliate program perform better




  • daily update product feed (up-to-date product catalog)
  • professional creative banners
  • affiliate text links
  • link directly to specific products
  • powerful online affiliate dashboard
  • responsive website
  • dedicated affiliate manager
  • commissions paid out monthly at $100

Cookie– 60

Commission– 10%

Total Gym

total gym homepage fitness equipment

Total Gym provides a total gym full of equipment into one machine. Since being introduced in the year 2000, there have been over 4 million have been sold, totaling $1.2 billion in sales, making the Total Gym the most successful industry’s longest-running home fitness successes. Chuck Norris and Christy Brinkley have been promoting Total Gym on the television for over 19 years, so the name recognition is out there.

Serviceable areas– Canada, United States

Statement– ” Total Gym’s roots began in rehabilitation centers where its main focus was aiding those recovering from physical injuries and obstacles. Total Gym was the perfect workout tool for several reasons:

  • The smooth, gliding motion was easy on the joints
  • The various height levels accommodated every fitness level
  • The padded glideboard provided excellent support for the back
  • It was easy on the body because you use various percentages of your body weight as resistance
  • There are so many exercises you can perform for every part of your body.”

Niches– fitness, weight loss, sports equipment, strength training

button join affiliate program total gym




  • 4 distinct models- the Total Gym XLS & FIT & Supreme >S;
  • Datafeed enable
  • affiliate banners and text links
  • dedicated affiliate manager
  • total gym customers benefit from interest-free payment plans, 30-day Risk-Free trails, and no assembly required

Cookie– 45 days


  • Core Trainer: 5%
  • Full Units: 7.5%
  • Attachments: 3%
  • DVDs: 3%

Fitness Apparel Affiliate Program

Fitness Apparel banner

While looking over the CJ Affiliate platform, not many of the fitness apparel companies were that lucrative to join, but this is not the case for Under Armour. Using the CJ metrics in terms of sales, Under Armour gets a five from a scale of 1-5.

Under Armour

homepage under armour fitness apparel

In 2014, Under Armour had a mission to reduce its need on the polymer blend- Elastane is what makes the material stretch, but it also holds moisture and increases odors.

Under  Armour’s new thread texturing technique and polymer developments eliminated the need to use Elastane. These new products last longer, perform better, and can be recycled.

Serviceable areas– United States

Statement– ” Under Armour’s mission is to make you better. That means everything Under Armour makes—shoes, apparel, accessories, athlete recovery sleepwear, and connected fitness gear— actually does something. Whether it’s a T-shirt that keeps you cool, a jacket that adapts to your body temp, or innovative cushioning that feels like zero gravity for a whole new running experience, Under Amour inspires you with performance solutions you never knew you needed but can’t imagine living without.”

Niches– fitness, sports, everyday wear, shoes, sports apparel

button join affiliate program under armour




  • average order $100
  • comprehensive data feed updated daily
  • affiliate banners and text links
  • frequent communication regarding new products and promotions
  • you must get permission to promote on Social Media

Cookie– 30 day

Commission– 5%

A Few More Unique Fitness Affiliate Programs

unique banner


I was astonished to find the next three fitness affiliate programs! These programs have some very unique products for you to promote. Take a look and see and tell me what you think.


HIIT homepage fitness affiliate program

HIIT Box is the one-and-only monthly customizable premium fitness gear subscription box on the market.

There are three subscription plans offered- one month ($49), for three months ($45/month), and 6 months ($42/month). Each box sent has products with a combined market value of $100.

HIIT Box is new to the CJ Affiliate platform.

Serviceable Areas– United States

Statement– ” We take pride in the fact that our subscription can be customized for nearly any level and lifestyle, allowing you to try products out before you buy and provide you with a workout experience that fits YOUR life.

Trying can be tough, especially every day, which is why we send a little motivation your way each month to help keep you moving.

No matter how tough things can be, or how hard life hits, take it like the champ you are and hit back with HIIT Box.

Products are customized to meet your fitness goals: athletic wear, supplements, accessories. Access to trainers, recipes, regimens, and more, to keep people on track with their fitness journey.”

Niche– fitness, fitness gear, sports, training, gifts, subscription boxes

button join affiliate program HIIT Box




  • direct linking is allowed
  • affiliate banners and text links
  • $60 payouts each month via PayPal

Cookie– 45 days


    • $15 commission on monthly subscribers.
    • $25 on 3 Month subscription
    • $35 on 6 month subscription

Tough Mudder

tough mudder homepage

Tough Mudder is just like it sounds, being tough in the mud.

Over 3 million people have crossed the finish line and became a member of the Tough Mudder Tribe. Races take place all across the country.

Serviceable Areas– Canada, United States

Statement– ” Tough Mudder is not a race; it’s a challenge. It’s miles of mud and obstacles designed to test teamwork and grit.  The ultimate social experience because our courses are engineered so that teamwork isn’t just encouraged — it’s required. Whether you arrive on course with a team or solo, you’ll leave with a smile on your face, and as part of the greatest team there is Mudder Nation.”

Niches– fitness, sports, marathons

button join affiliate program tough mudder




  • average order $115
  • strong brand recognition
  • professionally designed affiliate banners
  • affiliate text links
  • a dedicated affiliate management team

Cookie– 14 days

Commission– up to 10%

International Sports Science Association- ISSA

ISSA homepage online fitness certification

Over 300,000 personal fitness trainers have been certified and earned their credentials through ISSA.

Certificates that are offered include: Personal Training, Nutrition, Specialization, Advanced Education

Serviceable Areas– Canada, United States

Statement– ” The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) is a distance education institution and certifying agency committed to our students’ fitness education and professional goals. Our highly acclaimed online Personal Trainer Certification program has been designed so that our students can turn their passion for fitness into a paycheck.

The ISSA is very proud that we are the first fitness organization to earn national accreditation from a federally recognized accrediting agency! We’re confident you’ll see why ISSA is truly the World Leader in Fitness Education since 1988.”

Niche– fitness education, health, education, nutrition, exercise, personal trainers

Affiliate Program via CJ Affiliate


  • affiliate banners and text links

Cookie– 30 day


  • 7.5% per order
  • $10 per lead

So what did you think? There sure are some interesting products to promote, don’t you think?  What is your niche? Please take a look around, as I have so many other affiliate programs to share with you.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions that you may have down below.

Until next time!

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  1. You are absolutely correct in saying that electronics is not one of the first things that come to your mind when you are thinking about fitness. That also means that it doesn’t come to the minds of many potential customers as well. By looking at some of the products, I am amazed at where the technology has gone in just a few short years. Thanks for your post!

    1. Hi Mikhail! Thank you for stopping by! I completely agree with you, as I was blown away by how far technology has advanced. I hope that you found something to inspire you. Good luck to you!

  2. I’m always on the lookout for fitness affiliate programs so this post is really helpful. I’ve heard some good things about CJ Affiliate so it’s good to know that they have quality fitness affiliate programs. Of your recommendations I really like Aaptiv as it works well with apps and has a pretty solid commission rates as well as a long cookie duration. My other choice would be Fitbit, even with a lower commission rate, due to the fact that it is a well-known, tried and true brand that would add reputability to any website. I’ve been considering getting into a fitness niche for a little while and I will definitely save your post for when it’s soon time to do so. Thanks for the great recommendations and keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! I like your top two picks, and I agree. I had no idea that such a phone app existed, but wow is all I can say!  So, if you are interested in the fitness niche, may I also suggest to you about promoting Fitness Singles? I found this website while I was researching Online Dating affiliate programs. Have a look, as if might fit for you. Thanks again, and good luck to you!

  3. Hi Colleen

    Thank you very much for this very detailed and informative affiliate program for the fitness niche. I  am not personally in that niche but one of my friends is. He would appreciate finding out the various programs he can promote in his website. It must have taken a lot of time and effort to come up with this list. I see s lot of them are technological advancements which I believe will become increasingly important in the fitness niche market.

    Are you planning to list on others niches, such as mine Home and Garden?



    1. Hi Antonio! Thank you for taking the time to comment! I have yet to do an exclusive post on Home and Garden affiliate programs, but I did find a fabulous garden tool that has a very high conversion rate. Have you heard of Hoss Tools? Check it out here LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability affiliate programs), as there are also a few more that you might be interested in. Please take a look around as I have several different specific niche affiliate programs listed. Good luck to you!

  4. Wow. There is a lot of opportunity for fitness products. Thank you for sharing this. I know lots of guys who love Under Armour. This alone would make CJ worth it. Fitbit too. I didn’t know there were so many big brands I could be selling. Thank you for opening my eyes to the fitness opportunities in affiliate websites. 

    1. Hi Paula! I love Under Armour too! I was so happy to see that they do indeed have an affiliate program. Their products a second to none. Especially the fact that they are waterproof. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I really appreciate it! Good luck to you!

  5. Wow, this is very nice to see because I have learnt that the health and fitness niche is a very awesome way and also lucrative way to make money online. It is also very good to read this post because I can see that there are alot of programmes that I can make use of to make money online. Which of these have you given a try out yet?

    1. Hi Henderson! I am not in the Health and Fitness niche, but if I were, I would seriously consider promoting Aaptiv and Total Body Gym. There sure is a lot of potential in this niche, though. Good luck to you!

  6. It is indeed a great program because it is very comprehensive and it is designed to help those interested in improving their health .
    I was really impressed when I visited the website and saw all kinds of great technology available for everyone to use and to become much healthier and actually have a better life.

    1. Hi Bijan! I, too was extremely impressed at how all of the new technology that is out there these days. I sure wouldn’t mind getting one of those FitTrack scales. Good luck to you!

  7. Well, the health and wellness niche is one that is fast selling today in the affiliate market amongst bloggers. Generally, there is the need for one to keep fit and that is a good lead for the affiliate marketers. By the proposed affiliates you have listed, I see the commissions quite enticing and there are some really top brands which are well known by all. I am very much comfortable with the Aaptiv commission plan. Does these companies increases your percentages with time, or its always fixed?

    1. Hi Benson! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Yes, there are incentives with Aaptiv as well as with Tough Mudder. All of the others are set. I hope that answered your question. Good luck to you!

  8. What a great article! For any affiliate marketer, it is important to have quality affiliate programs from a monetization standpoint. I believe you have created quite a comprehensive list here! Being in the fitness niche myself (specifically training and nutrition topics), this has been helpful! What is your favourite of these affiliate programs?

    1. Hi Kohl! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Now, if I were in the Fitness niche, I would be interested in promoting Aaptiv, Under Armour, and Total Body Gym because all of them are easily recognizable brand names. But I also have to say that HIIT Box sounds promising, as I have seen a trend with the popularity of monthly subscription boxes. I hope that I was helpful. Good luck to you!

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